Common Sports Injury

This is a common term for athletes through their life. An injury is an uncertain word as it can be occured at any time during playing or practicing. You may be a highly trained athlete or a seasonal warrior, but there is a chance you might get injured within this time. No need to worry about it. Every injury has its remedy. In some cases, people forget how to treat with their injury and how to get rid of this. In this article, we have listed possible sports injuries.



  • We might hear about Ankle Injury which is the most common injury for basketball players. If any player lands on other player’s foot or the ankle folds too distant outer, this ankle injury occurs. If this happens to anyone, there is a chance that the ligaments are either ripped or pulled which are connected to bones supporting the ankles.  
  • Finger injury causing inflammation, loss of function, bruising, pain, etc are also common among basketball players. If any player suffers from these severe injuries, reconstructive surgery is highly recommended to solve it otherwise it might movement lead to permanent loss of function or deformity.



  • Football players might get PCL injuries or might face the knee ligament tear injury. They are the most common injuries in footballers life. ACL injuries also include complete or partial tears, may occur when any player changes the movement rapidly without moving the feet, slows down suddenly or misses a landing from a jump and can’t keep the balance.
  • The meniscus tear is also a severe injury for a football player. If it happens to any player, it causes severe pain and locks the knee. It occurs when any player abruptly turns the upper leg even the feet is tightly settled.
  • There is another severe injury called Achilles tendon rupture and causes a break in the Achilles tendon. The player who suffers from it, he knows the real pain. It’s very hard to work or to stand on the toes of the injured foot.  


  • Sprained ankle, Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injury, patella tendonitis are the most common injuries in badminton.
  • If we look over the players, we will notice that most injuries occur around the ankle area. So, a sprained ankle is the most common injury for the badminton players.



  • Rotator cuff injuries are the most common and frequent for tennis players. This injury includes tendonitis and ripped muscle. When any player moves his arm repeatedly over the head, it occurs.
  • Wrist tendonitis is another biomechanical factor including cheap sports materials, hand injury, or overuse of the wrist. If it occurs, the player feels pain when tries to bend.



  • Do you now that Achilles tendonitis is about 11% of jogging injuries? Ankle pain is the most common symptom for this injury and anyone feels it badly when he tries to walk to the upstairs.
  • An ankle sprain occurs when any player slips or misplaces the foot while attempt to make a shot. This injury also causes pain, bulging and wounding.
  • Runner’s knee occurs because of week thigh muscles, trauma or overuse. There is nothing but pain is the main symptom while bending the knee.



  • If we look at the injuries of the rugby players, we can find acromioclavicular damage, torn rotator cuff, shoulder joint dislocation are the most common shoulder injuries for them.
  • The familiar knee injury is the medial collateral ligament damage which may be caused due to the force implemented on the knee joint from any side.
  • The ankle sprain also occurs for the rugby players if slips the foot when running or landing from a jump.



  • Hockey players often suffer from knee injuries like capsular ligaments or sprained medial. If any player directly contacts to other player, boards or ice there might be occured injuries.
  • The most dangerous injuries are the neck and spine injuries without any doubt. It might destroy a player’s life by nerve irritation.



  • The torn rotator cuff injury is a common injury among volleyball players. The players keep their arms in extreme positions to hit the ball. It can increase the possibility of muscle damage.
  • Wrist and ankle sprain are other injuries that the players suffer from. Wrist sprain occurs when the player wants to block or hit the ball. An ankle sprain occurs usually in beach volleyball while landing from the high.


Finally, we can sum up that there are a lot of possible injuries in sports which are solved by proper care but there are some severe injuries which might destroy one’s career. So, to avoid these injuries, need to be careful during playing.

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