How to clean the pool cue

No matter what cue you have on your hand right now but it’s one of the best pool cues available in the market. Also if you keep your pool cue clean then it will offer you a better game than an unclean expensive cue. In this article, we will tell you How to clean the pool cue. We hope this will help you.


3 ways How to clean the pool cue properly

1- Clean the arrow

As you play, the arrow will take on a dark blue tone due to the dirt on your hand or the chalk residue.

To clean it the best thing is to rub it every so often with a thin cloth and slightly moistened. It can be with a little water or, better still, applying special products to clean arrows. I have used both Undo and Cue Doctor and with both the arrow returns to its original tone. It is important that they do not carry alcohol or other substances that can damage the wood.

Take the cloth, throw a few drops of the product and rub the arrow a couple of minutes. Fast but without excessive pressure. In the end, you will see that all that dirt is impregnated in the cloth and disappears from the arrow. Depending on how much or little you play, you can clean it once a week or every month.


2- Clean the bushing

It rages when it turns blue, huh? And if you do not act on time, there is no way to recover that nuclear target of the first day. The cap gets dirty very quickly since the loose chalk particles are deposited every time we insulate the sole. There are several options to clean it:

  1. With the same system that we explained in the arrow cleaning
  2. With toothpaste (I have not tried it, but there are billiards who recommend it here )
  3. With a little Clean Don or any similar soap.

It is best to have the habit of cleaning the cap often, even after each game day. This will make it easier for you to keep the natural white.

3- Clean the sole

Rather than getting dirty, the sole deteriorates with time, suffers pineapples, loses hair, etc. It is super important to keep it in good condition because it is the part that impacts directly on the cue ball, which should provide us with control.

It is highly recommended to always carry a multi-purpose tool such as the Summa, which allows you to scratch the sole, lower the edges or compress it.

More useful tools for a good conservation of the sole:

  • Blue Spike: has sharp tips that allow the sole to be subtly punched so that it retains the chalk better and provides a better grip.
  • Lija Kamui: to renew the surface of the sole or clean it after making a blunder.
  • Ball Teck Cutter: with this 3 in 1 tool, changing the sole becomes much easier.

If you play and compete a lot, it is advisable to change the sole more or less every 5 months.

The maintenance of the pool cue is something very subjective that depends on the taste, the climatic conditions (humidity, temperature …) and the play material. I hope this post can help you keep your tacos intact. If so, share it with your billiard friends 🙂

Do you know more tricks to clean the cue? I wait for you in the comments!

Different Kind of Foosball Table Parts

If you see, there are more than 100 different table models available in the market which are made by numerous established brands. They all have various parts and accessories to rebuild the tables or modify the tables according to players choice. Knowing the quality of foosball parts and accessories really can impact on the game. So, if you go shopping for your table or trying to purchase foosball table parts for your table that you already belonged, you must know the design and the quality of those parts. You can get a favor to read this article to grab an educated purchase.


Foosball Table PartsFoosball Players – The table brands seek to introduce different types of foosball players over the years. You want a pointed toe and cross-hatching design players that offer you a better ball control. These kinds of players allow you to make advanced shots like snake shot.


Foosball Rods – Foosball rods have a great impact on your game. It controls the speed. They are expensive. Some manufacturers make their tables with heavy rods which hinder your gameplay because heavy rods can make your game sluggish and slow. All quality tables come with hollow or chrome plated rods which are light in weight and you can get maximum ball control.


Foosball balls – If you know about foosball game, you can find that there are a variety of foosball balls available in the market. You should go for those balls which can easily be clutched down against the table with your foosball players. Please try to avoid plastic balls or balls with a slick and shiny finish. There are cork, textured, smooth and soccer balls available in the market.


Foosball Handles – They are important foosball parts and they are neglected during purchasing a foosball table. But if you unluckily get those handles that are made of plastic or offer less gripping, you will be bored during your game because of less controlling power. Plastic handles may hamper your shot performance. But the wooden handles can provide better grips comparing to others handles.


Foosball Legs – Foosball legs provide stability during gameplay to prevent jerking. Try to avoid tables that come with skinny legs because it can shake during a heavy game. Standard tables come with 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches legs or more than this to assure stability. Moreover, you can get additional adjustable leg levelers to adjust the heights.


Scoring units – It is worthy to count the score or keeping the track of your score. This part comes with each table but they tend to break over time. But you can find replacement parts if you want to modify your broken units.


Foosball Bearings – These units are important parts where the rods go through the holes in the table. They maintain less friction while pushing or pulling the rods to make your shots or to control the balls. These parts also missed by many players during purchasing a table. You can get smoother gliding of the rods with quality bearing parts.

Foosball Wraps – They are essential elements for foosball players. Every professional foosball players use wraps and they are used in every foosball tournament. To improve your grip on the handles, you can use wraps. It is easier to perform advanced shots like the pull shots getting better grip using wraps.

Foosball Table Covers – They rarely come with foosball tables. So, this is an aftermarket part that you need to purchase for your foosball table. You may don’t find the perfect match when shopping online. But after getting the foosball table, it is recommended that doing perfect research and measure the dimensions of your table, you do a purchase.


Overall, there are many replacement parts that you may need to purchase for your foosball table to make it new. So, don’t overlook while purchasing foosball parts and accessories. They really matter during gameplay.